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Drive Salesforce adoption and increase productivity.

The ClearStar Salesforce Connector integrates your desk-phones and mobile devices with Salesforce.  Features are simple to implement and even easier to use, enabling sales teams to increase productivity and management teams to gain more insight.

Salesforce ClearStar Connector

The Salesforce Connector requires only a simple Google Chrome extension and no server software.  All the features reside in the cloud, presenting a distributed means of data input and the ability to access it from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Highlights include:

  • Log calls from desk phones & mobile devices
  • Automatically logs calls, even when Salesforce is not open
  • Click-to-dial from Salesforce
  • Easily enter notes with screen pops on incoming & outgoing calls
  • Integrated reporting

If your business uses Salesforce be sure to  request your free trial today by calling us at 800.456.5800 or email us at


pulledEl Nino is expected to bring strong rains into Southern California after years of drought and it is likely that the entire Southern U.S. is in for a wild winter.


The major business impact will be through travel disruption, power interruptions, and telecommunications outages. The last major storms to hit Southern and Central Califonia in December 2010 and January 2011 wreaked havoc on businesses, with many in Southern California off-line for days. There is an open regulatory proceeding at the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) about those failures and the insufficient response from Verizon and ATT, but the harsh reality is that nothing has improved. With Verizon essentially washing their hands of the problem and handing their landline business in the West and Midwest to Frontier in the coming months, we can be certain the impacts on telecommunications infrastructure will be worse this time around if the rains do indeed materialize.

What should you do? Test your redundancy and business continuity plan now! Have your technical teams:

1) Check to make sure critical infrastructure is plugged into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and generator power if you have it, and not unintentionally plugged into utility power. Verify the batteries in the UPS have been refreshed within a reasonable interval and then after scheduling it according to your change management process, pull that plug and watch to make sure it holds the load for the amount of time you need it to shut down systems gently and/or carry you through a short power outage.

2) Physically test the failure of your primary voice, data and Internet paths by unplugging each of the cables and testing your systems for operation with only one of two paths active at the same time. If you don’t have redundancy in your communications links, get it. We can help, that’s what we do.

3) Dust off your phone rerouting plan or work with our team to design how and where you want calls to flow in the event a location is offline. If you have our cloud-based phone system, it is redundantly hosted geographically and designed to stay up if one site fails, so your phone system will still be up even if your location is down. Figure out the best way to take advantage of that redundancy in your business and have a plan in place to reroute calls to alternate locations, or mobile phones.

Please coordinate your testing with us so we don’t scramble the jets when our monitoring sees your connections go down, or talk to our friendly Client Services team to help you develop a redundancy and business continuity plan. Advance preparation is the key to minimizing business impact from weather related events. We sleep better when our customers are prepared, let us help you sleep better too.


Here at Impulse, we believe that it is important to honor local Santa Barbara traditions and history.  Impulse has been a proud sponsor of Fiesta for over 15 years, most recently as a Titanium level sponsor, and is also heavily involved in volunteering during Fiesta.  In addition to our Titanium level sponsorship and employee participation, Impulse’s CFO, Greg Wilson, serves on the board of Old Spanish Days.

Every year we have a carriage in the parade, and recently we began offering our employees the opportunity to volunteer by acting as one of the parade Marshals.  This year we have a large number of Impulse employees who are excited to volunteer their time during the parade.  We are so humbled by the spirit of volunteerism that lives within our Impulse employees.  Thank you to everyone who has participated

We had a great time last night at the Impulse sponsored La Recepción Del Presidente, held as always at the beautiful DoubleTree Resort.  This event serves as a reception for El Presidente Cas Stimson and also honors past presidents and the traditions of Fiesta.

Fiesta 2015 JPIMG_1863


IMG_1829-1 IMG_1928

This year’s theme is Fiesta Romántica.  El Presidente Cas Stimson “recalls the time in the early nineteenth century when people met at parties filled with music and dance… that lasted for days! During this charming era, young men wooed their ladies with music and song under the moonlight. Old Spanish Days continues this romance of people coming together in celebration with their best friends and spouses.”

We hope you get to enjoy some of the wonderful events happening in the coming week.  If you see us there come and say hello and Viva la Fiesta!


Impulse is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Rose to Vice President Client Solutions. In his new role, Chris will be responsible for working closely with enterprise clients and technology partners to assist in communications technology evaluation and business process integration. Chris will also lead the Company’s product development team creating future enterprise solutions.

“As an unabashed technology maven, Chris has been instrumental in developing new products and the way we engage and support clients,” said Dave Clark, President of Impulse.  “This new role will enable Chris to leverage his passion for technology to shape practical, powerful communications solutions for our enterprise clients.”

Chris Rose Headshot

Chris has held the position of Director of Sales with Impulse since December 2005. Chris joined Impulse in 2002 as an Account Executive and later held the position of Sales Manager before assuming responsibility for the entire sales and marketing group. Prior to joining Impulse, he held a technology sales position with CompUSA, a national electronics retailer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from University of California, Santa Barbara.


The mobility features of ClearStar, our cloud-based unified communication platform, allow employees to work anywhere, on any device, at any time.  While this is extremely empowering, it can also be a bit challenging to keep track of which productivity-enhancing feature is right for a particular need.

Impulse’s two most popular mobility features are the Impulse smartphone app called MobileLink and a softphone application for a PC, Tablet, or smartphone called Bria (or the free X-Lite version).  While both features allow employees to make and receive calls from another location, appearing as though they are in the office, they do so in very different ways.  MobileLink uses cellular minutes to place and receive calls, while Bria, like other standard softphone applications, uses a data connection.


As long as the correct licensed features are in place, both solutions now take full advantage of ClearStar’s powerful collaboration features, including:

  • Providing presence back to your team
  • Recording calls to the cloud
  • Logging calls in Salesforce
  • Enabling call center functionality

Still not sure which mobility feature you should be using?  Here are a few highlights of MobileLink and Bria that will help you determine which is best for you and your team:

MobileLink highlights:

  • Does not depend on quality of data connection
  • Uses cell phone minutes and does not count against data usage caps
  • Simple to configure and support

Bria softphone highlights:

  • HD audio and video support
  • No charge for international usage
  • Can be used on a tablet, computer and a smartphone

MobileLink tends to be the more popular solution and is perfect for employees who are always out and about on their smartphones and do not want to think about what type of data connectivity their phones currently use.  It just works.

However, for employees who travel internationally or need the collaboration enhancements of HD audio and video, a softphone might be the way to go.  Just provide a solid internet connection.  We’ll take it from there.


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